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St. Edward's Primary School

What Our Community Says


‘The school focuses on the progress of the children and I feel that my child is progressing each year that he is here.’

‘I find all staff are very good with the children and they have a lot of time for them and I am very pleased.’

‘Thank you guys so much for everything and the support you provide.’

‘My son likes his school very much and enjoys going to school.  He often shares how kind and supportive his teachers are.  As a parent this is very wonderful to hear.  I thank St Edward’s staff for their great work.’

‘I thank the school and teachers for all the support that is given to my child.’

‘I am glad that I have chosen this school.  I am very, very happy.’

‘We do not speak English.  The school has given full support to our daughter.  Thank you for that.’

‘The school kept me informed at all times and I noticed a great progress in school.  My son demonstrates all the learning from school at home and applies this.  He always mentions his teacher and teaching assistant doing really well in teaching him.'

'5 stars to his teachers!’

‘Very pleased with the parent meeting.  Explained what my son needed to work on.  Amazing teachers.’

‘God bless you for all your hard work.  We always pray for you to keep it up.  You made us feel like our children are at home because you teach them with love and care.  Thank you very much indeed.  Most of all our kids are taught in a good religious-based teaching.’

‘I love this school.  It is by far the best.’

‘I am very happy with my son’s progress.  Thank you for everything.’

‘We are very happy with the school with four of our children from Nursery to Year 6.  Thank you for all management.’

‘So happy I chose this school for my daughter.  The Nursery staff are amazing and I see changes in my little one.’

‘I am grateful for the welcome and support we received from the school.  I am happy for the values that guide the school’s proposal.’

‘Very happy with the school.  Thanks.’

‘We, as a family, love St. Edward’s School.’