School News


We have had pupils test positive for COVID-19 across the school. For these reasons, we are moving all classes to ‘amber’ control measures from today. We want to reduce the risk of infection transmission and keep as many pupils as possible attending school.

We are trying to take steps to reduce risk of infection while keeping as much the same for pupils as we can.

For parents, this means:

  • order easy to use nasal tests for home
  • be extra cautious and alert to any changes in your child's health
  • if you see symptoms of coronavirus, stop sending your child to school and check with a lateral flow test and keep the school informed
  • social distancing while on the school site, including 'drop and go' at morning drop-off and collection; avoid visiting the school office
  • all adults - staff, parents and visitors - to wear a face covering in communal areas
  • wash hands as soon as pupils arrive at home after school

In school, this means:

  • pupils return to forward-facing rows in class
  • no splitting of classes. We will seek agency (supply) cover to cover teacher absence
  • after school care organised into year groups within a larger group, as much as possible
  • increasing hand-washing for all pupils on arrival, around break-time, before food and after lunch
  • increasing cleaning of all high-touch surfaces during the school day
  • no singing indoors

Other things that we do:

  • specialist clubs and instrumental tuition will continue in mixed age groups to maintain our offer with as much distancing as possible
  • all assemblies become remote
  • sports competitions against other schools continue because these take place outside